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Smudging 101: Cleanse Your Sacred Space

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I think I can speak for us all when I say that I am exhausted after this year. Mentally, physically and energetically. With 2020 coming to a close, it is the perfect time to leave all of the negative energy and bad juju in the past.   

Sometimes you need to take a moment to cleanse all of the bad energy out of your life and that is where sage smudging comes in.

What are the benefits of smudging?

Burning sage is one of the longest standing and purest methods of cleansing a person, group of people, or space of negative energy. Derived from the Latin word salvere, meaning "to heal," Sage has been proven to provide more than just metaphysical benefits.

Medically speaking, sage and medicinal smokes have been proven to have powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial qualities, can improve mood and cognition, can serve as an insect repellent, and can even help improve sleep quality for some. 

 Spiritually speaking, burning sage is how you can remove negative energy from your space, and your aura. Much like wiping your slate completely clean-- leaving room for more positivity to enter your sacred space.  

How to clear your sacred space of negative energy

What You Need

  • Dried Sage, Palo Santo or any other healing herbs or woods
  • Fire Source (matches or lighter)
  • Fireproof Vessel (like an abalone shell) 


  • Dirt or Sand 


  1. Get ready! Gather the your sage, fire source + fireproof vessel & open a window or door to let all of that negativity (and smoke) needs to have a way to leave! 
  2. Set your intention! Before lighting your sage, take a moment to reflect on what negativity you are trying to remove from your space. Some people like to repeat a short mantra in their heads or out loud (whichever you prefer). We like to say "I let go of what no longer serves me." While this is not necessary, but it is a great way to help clear your room's energetic slate and introduce some positivity into your space! 
  3. Get lit! Light your fire source and hold the sage at a 45 degree angle. Let the sage burn over the fire for ~20 seconds. Gently blow out the flame on the sage so you see orange embers. You should see a smoke at this point. If you don't, repeat this step and keep the flame lit for 10 seconds longer.
  4. Sage that sh*t! Slowly walk around your space and waft the smoke around, guiding the smoke towards the open window or door. We like to give extra attention to our mirrors and technology (these are often areas with constant negative energy surrounding them).
  5. Don't forget to sage yourself! To sage yourself, keep the sage stick at an arm's length distance from your both. Start from your feet up, to your chest and across both arms. Do not directly inhale large amount of sage smokes and ensure the sage is a safe distance from your body at all times. This is COMPLETELY optional.
  6. Extinguish your sage! Once you have finished smudging your sacred space, press the burning sage tip firming into a fireproof vessel, dirt or sand until smoke is no longer rising. 


Where to buy sage?

Due to its increasing popularity, it is highly important to use sage that is collected sustainably. Many small businesses, such as Moon & Ivy, carry White California Sage, Palo Santo and other cleansing tools.

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